Other media work

Nicole has been a contributor to various newspapers and Magazines, with articles and interviews for among others Time Out Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The daily mail, Mother and Baby magazine.

Here’s an exert from Time Out , on a pub crawl with the editor Michael Hodges....

Healthy Hedonism: a night out with a professional nutritionist


Abstinence from bad food and alcohol is good for you - but sometimes you want to treat your body less like a temple and more like a disco. So can you have a night out with out wrecking yourself? Time Out goes pious drinking with nutritionist Nicole Berberian

Seconds into our initial consultation, Nicole decides that the best approach to a healthy night out is to keep my calorie intake down and pick up any extra nutrition we can on the way. ‘A grown man needs 2,500 calories a day but I’m being conservative and putting you on 2,300. A healthy breakfast and lunch should take you to 950-1,000 calories; so to eat and drink tonight you’ve got 1,300 calories to play with. That will maintain your present weight – if you want to lose weight, you would need to halve that, no more than 700 calories tonight.’ Nicole doesn’t drink....

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