My background

Nicole is a highly experienced registered nutritionist and state registered dietitian. She is a specialist media nutritionist covering the latest topics for the TV news teams alongside her work as the specialist bariatric dietitian for Streamline Surgical Ltd, running weight loss surgery clinics in Harrow.  

With over 28 years in the field of science she is a regular nutrition science contributor to the media and has a private freelance nutrition consultancy in London working for industry and individuals with advice, menu plans, talks and authoring chapters for print. Clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Readers Digest, The Laboratory Health Clubs and work for individuals in all ages and stages. 

TV credits include being the resident nutritionist for Five News since 2004,  a regular on the news teams for Sky News, ITN, BBC Breakfast, BBC Newsround, the nutritionist for the reality TV weight loss series The Biggest Loser’ on Living TV, C4 Dispatches and the series dietitian and nutrition science advisor for Channel 4's The Food Hospital, series 1 and 2. 

With a love and passion for science she took her first honors degree in Physics at Leeds University. Following graduation she became a television producer, giving her a unique understanding of science presentation in the media. She returned to science study with two further degree courses in biology with biochemistry and advanced animal physiology on the Open University. She then went on to gain a masters degree in nutrition from King's College London and returned to King's some years later for a post graduate diploma in dietetics. 

Nicole is also experienced in the highly controversial field of complementary medicine, with three years of study in nutritional therapy at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

With this wide knowledge base Nicole is one of a few individuals who are uniquely qualified to assess with some credibility not only the sound scientific practices followed by respected medics but also able to shed some light on therapies promoted by those in the alternative field. 

"The nutrition industry is a minefield of advice, some grounded and helpful, some with good intention though little benefit and much that is centred on financial gain. Often it is the most needy that are the most likely to be exposed to unfounded claims.

Many speak as if with great authority and certainty. However, as with everything, the more I've learned the more I know the limitations in our knowledge and what we are yet to fully understand.The human body is an intricately designed marvel to behold. We’ve got some basics we can grasp but the research and study must go on."  

Qualifications and registrations: 

- BSc(Hons) Physics,

- BSc level 2 course Biology form and function (with biochemistry),

- BSc level 3 course Advanced Animal Physiology,

- MSc(Nutrition) King's College London,

- 3 year Diploma in complementary nutritional therapy,

- Post Graduate Diploma Dietetics (King's College London)

- Registered Nutritionist - Association for Nutrition

- Registered Dietitian - Health Professions Council

- Member of the British Dietetic Association

- Member of the Nutrition Society

- Specialist bariatric obesity dietitian - member of BOMSS