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Here's my e book: 'How to Eat', 40 pages packed with nutrition information, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and everything to get you on track with health. 

All just £15.99. Buy now and download

Here you’ll find my simple nutrition strategy for life. My aim is to remove the fears and confusion by re-educating you with a straight forward, science backed plan,  that covers you for all general health conditions from heart health, weight loss, how to get your energy levels up and get back to enjoying good food at the same time. It’s full of information on the basics of how to eat, shop and cook and how to put it all together in the simplest possible way. There’s even a section on what to eat if you don’t want to cook and you are eating out.

Most of all it’s packed with information on food that you can put together yourself, tasty and filling meals full of goodness, with recipes to cover you for a whole month and more.

Try giving your food a fresh look and take hold of the many tips in here to start you on your way to a healthy new you.


What’s in the pack:

2 pdf documents - a 40 page e book + a print friendly version covering these topics

  •  Nutrition basics
  •  When to eat, How much to eat, What to eat.
  •  Portion guide to filling your plate
  •  Best foods to choose from
  •  Tips on reading labels
  •  Easy cook and quick cook tips
  •  Shopping list of top foods to plan your week
  •  Breakfast recipes
  •  Lunch recipes
  •  Dinner recipes
  •  Healthy snack guide
  •  Eating out guide