Walnuts and breast cancer risk reduction

Walnuts have once again been flagged up for super health properties, this time with a link to breast cancer risk reduction. Studies done on mice by Dr Elaine Hardman at Marshall University School of Medicine found that walnut consumption significantly reduced the number of glands with tumour, the size of the tumours and the incidence of tumour. The studies used an equivalent of 56g per day for a human. 

Walnuts contain many health promoting components including essential oils and antioxidants and in the past have been found to counter inflammation,  cardiovascular disease artery build up and osteoporosis .

They contain omega 3 fatty acids, the same family of good oils as found in health promoting oily fish as well as being particularly high in a list of antioxidant components such as phytosterols, polyphenols (high in ellagic acid)  and carotenoids (vitamin A family). They are also a source of fibre and minerals and vitamins.

All of these components work together to make walnuts a good choice. Have a handful for a healthy snack or add to breakfast and salads.