Sugar in smoothies and fruit juice surprises consumers


This research carried out by the University of Glasgow asked 2000 people across the UK to estimate how many teaspoons of sugar where in drinks. Many overestimated that in fizzy drinks and underestimated significantly that in milkshakes, smoothies and some fruit juices as they perceived them to be healthy options.


The research estimated an extra 450 calories a day coming from drinks, almost a quarter of the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman and a fifth for men.


Fruit juice and smoothies may contain more sugar than other fizzy drinks, however that doesn't mean that colas are better for you. These smoothies do have beneficial nutrients in them so a small amount can add some goodness in. 


However, in general the whole food itself, rather taking in calories from drinks. This is because drinks don't act the same way as solid food. It's been found that drinking calories doesn't give the same level of feeling full, with the body not registering the calories and leaving you feeling hungry much quicker.


And a small 150ml glass of juice maximum is all that counts towards your five a day. A smoothie may at most make it up to 2 portions of your 5-a-day, if is either made to include all the edible pulp of 80g of 2 varieties of different fruit or vegetable, or 80g of one fruit/veg and 150ml of a different variety of fruit /veg juice


A 330ml glass of the following drinks contained this many 4g teaspoons of sugar:

Pomegranate juice – 10 teaspoons

Coke- 8.5 teaspoons

Chocolate milk shake -9 teaspoons

Sparkling orange glucose drink -12. 5 teaspoons

Orange juice -8 teaspoons.

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