Nicole on Channel 4's The Food Hospital team

Nicole has been working hard as the off screen dietitian and expert nutrition science advisor as part of the production team for Channel 4's new series, The Food Hospital. 

Patients with wide ranging conditions from migraines in a 7 year old child to obesity, cholesterol and diabetes in adults come into the Food Hospital to see Nicole for a full in depth consultation. She combines her vast nutrition science experience with up to date current research papers and trials to produce specialised diet plans. Nicole then works with the patients throughout their time on the plan to motivate and guide them to the best outcomes possible. 

Nicole also supported the production and medical team on the show with up to date science advise, translating this into consumer friendly information, along with creating visuals and experiments to demonstrate the different mechanisms in the body. 

Watch The Food Hospital, 8pm Tuesday nights, Channel 4, starting 1st November 2011.