NG tube feeding for weight loss

A radical approach to weight loss is now available in this country. It uses naso gastric feeding for weight loss and nothing at all is eaten as a tube fitted through the nose directly into the stomach delivers a very low calorie diet formula. The tube must stay in place as patients go about their daily lives. 

Weight loss is seen, but it's not fun to follow and is extreme.

For the weight loss to continue and be effective any plan needs to be sustainable and healthy in the long term. If it's used as a short term fix there needs to be a follow through that continues where this leaves off, or there may be rapid weight regain. 


For any diet to work it must be:

1 Effective -it does what it needs to do

2. Sustainable- which means it must be practical and you need to enjoy it or you'll give up

3. and finally it must be Healthy, providing all you need for the future or there will be problems.

Having spoken to patients that have tried this diet, they tell me they struggled greatly and were gave up after a few days. Some said not being able to eat at all wtih their families made them mad. 

Here's the story on Sky News >